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A customizable report that lists all water wells with a District permit in a given area. The area listed is a circle around a latitude/longitude point that you provide. The radius of the area depends on a distance measurement that you also provide. The output is available as a “Standard” report showing previous year’s reported pumpage; and a “History” report showing all annual pumpages for each well.

The Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence District/National Geodetic Survey Automated Global Positioning System Subsidence Monitoring Project

A report by: David B. Zilkoski, Lucy W. Hall, Gilbert J. Mitchell, Vasanthi Kammula, Ajit Singh, William M. Chrismer, and Ronald J. Neighbors

GPS Project

Water-Level Altitudes 2015 and Water-Level Changes in the Chicot, Evangeline, and Jasper Aquifers and Compaction 1973–2014 in the Chicot and Evangeline Aquifers, Houston-Galveston Region, Texas

By Mark C. Kasmarek, Jason K. Ramage, Natalie A. Houston, Michaela R. Johnson, and Tiffany S. Schmidt

HGSD KMZ (Google Earth) Maps

KMZ Files are used to insert data into Google Earth. You can run these files from here if you have Google earth loaded. Or you can save these files to your desktop. Executing these files will open Google Earth if loaded on your computer. Chart data updated automatically.

Subsidence Monitor Network with Charts (KMZ)

Harris Galveston Subsidence District only with Charts (KMZ)

Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District (KMZ)

Brazoria County monitor Sites (KMZ)

Harris Galveston & Fort Bend Reg Areas (KMZ)

2000 Releveling (KMZ)



Baytown Deep
Baytown Shallow
Clear Lake Deep
Clear Lake Shallow
East End
Lake Houston
Northeast Treatment Plant
South West
Texas City

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